Identity & Spiritual Cultivation


We don’t have to build an identity around spiritual cultivation.  Actually, if we’re doing that we’re not really on the path.  The whole idea of path is it’s the ground that underlies this thing that appears to be me and you.  But me on the path or me off the path, me deluded or me enlightened – those are all side-paths that don’t arise in the mind of a true adept.  So we’re not allowed to be Daoists here, we’re not allowed to be sages or Buddhas.  We’re also not allowed to be deluded commoners.  These aren’t rules established by traditions – this is simply the way things are.  As Liu Ming says, our true nature has no interest in any of that.  What then is its interest?

Dark moon root, full moon flower.

Author: Wuming Chuan