About Me


Nameless StreamHello, my name is Jacob Newell.  I formerly went by the alias Gu Shen Yu, a name I received at Daoist ordination, but now I’m just a nameless stream flowing along with the Great River of immortality.  So call me Nameless Stream, Wuming Chuan (無名川) for now.

I’ve studied with numerous teachers over the past 25 years and found my home practice in Laozi’s wuweidao.  My school is called Old Oak School of Dao, and my website is www.oldoakdao.org.  I also have a new group of budding practitioners who are taking a fairly serious lineage approach to the simple central practice described in this blog.  We’re referring to our group as the Immortal Dragons of the Bamboo Grove – our website is www.wuweidao.org.

Wuweidao is a contemplative path of communing with our original nature (Dao-De).  We have formal practice methods passed down from the long-flowing stream of Daoist tradition, but more importantly we take an uncontrived, natural view of reality inspired by and supported by direct lineage transmission.

I started this blog because I want to share the perspective of our tradition.  My wuweidao lineage teacher was Liu Ming, a westerner who inherited a 1,000-year old aristocratic family tradition from Shaanxi province from a hermit refugee in Taiwan.  There’s a lot of chatter out there about Daoism, and it’s easy to find ourselves confused.  My numerous teachers have provided me with a base for correct practice, which I am happy to share with you, if you are interested in this path.

I am based in northern California and am working on several projects including a training manual that will cover different aspects of Daoist study & cultivation – academics, philosophy, hygiene, meditation, & ritual.  I am also hosting a wuweidao cultivation group in Santa Rosa, CA, to support the practice of Zuowang.  I’m calling my more extensive apprenticeship the Immortal Dragon Investiture.  A central feature of the apprenticeship is my unpublished translation & commentary of the Dao De Jing.  You can hear more about our approach to Daoist cultivation throughout this blog and the two other websites linked above.  I enjoy corresponding with people, so please feel free to contact me.

Stability & openness,

Jacob Newell (無名川)