Bamboo Grove (竹林)



In 2019, we opened up Bamboo Grove – a wuweidao cultivation group – to continue the teaching & practice we received from our wuweidao lineage teacher, Liu Ming.

This group consists of up to 8 people who make a 1-year commitment to conduct a daily 1-hour formal practice of wuweidao.  Practice consists of studying the Dao De Jing (we use an unpublished internal translation & commentary), non-conceptual meditation (Zuowang), and various supporting practices.  We gather together monthly in Santa Rosa, CA, for guidance, inspiration, and discussion.  Entry requires attendance at an introductory gathering, or a private meeting for introduction to the Zuowang method.

Participation at-a-distance is possible.  Commitment is the same, minus attendance at monthly gatherings.  Distance participants receive the same written materials, as well as a recording of our talk, but will miss out on certain important aspects, particularly tea, group discussion, and any partner-practice.  We dialogue online regularly with distance participants at whatever level of involvement they wish.

Wuweidao is an ancient tradition of meditation & qi-cultivation originating in the Yellow River region of pre-imperial China.  It has close connections to the Daoist religion; however, it is a different tradition.

Admission opens at Chinese New Year and then closes for the year.  A 1-year commitment will provide participants with a thorough introduction to the view & core method of wuweidao, with some exposure to the broad suite of supporting practices.  For those who are really resonating with the view & method and wish to continue in a more extensive apprenticeship with a lifelong commitment to this path, we can discuss the Immortal Dragon Investiture.

If you are interested in this group, contact us at