Dark Moon Newsletter

Dark Moon

Toward the end of 2020, I began issuing a complimentary public newsletter at each dark moon.  These newsletters introduce the heavenly stem & earthly branch of the new moon in accordance with classical Chinese almanac-astrology, along with a corresponding hexagram from the 3,000-year old Zhou Yi Jing to provide additional depth and dynamism on the qi-quality of the coming moon.  Subscribe here to join me in this 60-moon observation.


Here is a welcome talk discussing the moon cycle: Welcome to Dark Moon Newsletter, and you can view our past issues here:

Yin-Metal Goat (July 2024)

Yang-Metal Horse (June 2024)

Yin-Earth Snake (May 2024)

Yang-Earth Dragon (April-May 2024)

Yin-Fire Rabbit (March-April 2024)

Yang-Fire Tiger (February-March 2024)

Yin-Wood Ox (January-February 2024)

Yang-Wood Rat (December 2023 – January 2024)

Yin-Water Pig (November-December 2023)

Yang-Water Dog (October-November 2023)

Yin-Metal Rooster (September-October 2023)

Yang-Metal Monkey (August-September 2023)

Yin-Earth Goat (July-August 2023)

Yang-Earth Horse (July 2023)

Yin-Fire Snake (June 2023)

Yang-Fire Dragon (May 2023)

Intercalary Yin-Wood Rabbit (April 2023)

Yin-Wood Rabbit (March 2023)

Yang-Wood Tiger (February 2023)

Yin-Water Ox (January 2023)

Yang-Water Rat (December 2022)

Yin-Metal Pig (November 2022)

Yang-Metal Dog (October 2022)

Yin-Earth Rooster (September 2022)

Yang-Earth Monkey (August 2022)

Yin-Fire Goat (July 2022)

Yang-Fire Horse (June 2022)

Yin-Wood Snake (May 2022)

Yang-Wood Dragon (April 2022)

Yin-Water Rabbit (March 2022)

Yang-Water Tiger (February 2022)

Yin-Metal Ox Moon (January 2022)

Yang-Metal Rat (December 2021)

Yin-Earth Pig (November 2021)

Yang-Earth Dog (October 2021)

Yin-Fire Rooster (September 2021)

Chinese Ghost Festival

Yang-Fire Monkey (August 2021)

Yin-Wood Goat (July 2021)

Yang-Wood Horse (June 2021)

Yin-Water Snake (May 2021)

Yang-Water Dragon (April 2021)

Yin-Metal Rabbit (March 2021)

Yang-Metal Tiger (Feb 2021)

Yin-Earth Ox (Jan 2021)

Yang-Earth Rat (Dec 2020)

Yin-Fire Pig (Nov 2020)