Wuweidao Cultivation Group

In 2019, I’m opening up a wuweidao cultivation group to continue the teaching & practice I received from my wuweidao lineage teacher, Liu Ming.

This group will consist of up to 8 people who make a 1-year commitment to conduct a daily 1-hour formal practice of wuweidao.  Practice consists of studying the Dao De Jing (unpublished translation & commentary by Wu Ming Chuan), non-conceptual meditation (Zuowang), and various supporting practices including neigong, tea ceremony, and basic altar ritual.  We will gather together monthly in Santa Rosa, CA, for guidance, inspiration, and discussion.  Fee is $40/month.  Entry requires attendance at an introductory gathering, or a private meeting for introduction to the Zuowang method.

Participation at-a-distance is possible, for $20/month.  Commitment is the same, minus attendance at monthly gatherings.  Distance participants receive the same written materials but will miss out on certain important aspects, particularly tea, group discussion, and partner-practice.  I will dialogue online regularly with distance participants.

Wuweidao is an ancient tradition of meditation & qi-cultivation originating in the Yellow River region of pre-imperial China.  It has close connections to the Daoist religion; however, it is a different tradition.

A 1-year commitment will provide participants with a thorough introduction to the view and core method of wuweidao, with some exposure to the broad suite of supporting practices.

If you are interested in this group, contact me – Wu Ming Chuan (Jacob Newell) – at oldoakdao@yahoo.com.

I am holding a group introduction to Zuowang in Santa Rosa, CA, on March 3, 2019.  For details, email me at oldoakdao@yahoo.com or see: https://www.facebook.com/events/359401381311047/.