Welcome to the Daoist blog of Nameless Stream.  Here you will find numerous articles presenting the view-teaching of Laozi’s wuweidao (無為道).

Wuweidao is an ancient tradition of meditation & qi-cultivation originating in the Yellow River region of pre-Han China.  It was the primary stream inspiring the Daoist religion and also was a major influence in the development of Chan (Zen) Buddhism.  However, its expression is not limited to these religions.  At its basis, wuweidao is a simple, uncontrived, direct experience of our true nature.  Here is an introductory talk about this path: Wuweidao Pith Transmission.

The articles here are intended to bring you into contact with the living spirit of Laozi’s teaching, and to inspire you to apply this teaching to your life, in both formal practice & informal conduct.  This blog constitutes a transmission that can open up the way you view yourself and transform your approach to life and spiritual practice, regardless of what specific path your are walking.

My articles generally focus on meditation & qi-cultivation.  I look at a variety of Chinese characters as they relate to Daoist practice – this is a fun and engaging way to transmit the teaching.  I also introduce perspectives from Buddhism, which has a long history of interacting with Daoism.

Most of my articles are publicly available; however some are password-protected, reserved for practicing members of my Wuweidao Cultivation Group or Original Root Investiture program.  Daoism is a practicing tradition handed down by person-to-person transmission of both view & method – it is not just a philosophical approach to life or a religious faith.  This blog – and my ongoing Dark Moon Newsletter – and these practicing groups serve as the three gates to Original Root Order, a group I have established to carry forward the authentic cultivation of wuweidao as I received it from my teacher.

If you are resonating with the teaching in this blog and would like to initiate your practice, please visit my website for Old Oak School of Dao at www.oldoakdao.org.  You can also view a welcome video on my YouTube channel.  I welcome you to contact me with any questions or comments at oldoakdao@yahoo.com.