2021 Yin-Metal Ox (辛丑)


2021 is the year of the Yin-Metal Ox.  What does that mean?  See the description below and listen to my 2021 Yin-Metal Ox New Year Talk.  For background on this system, see my introductory post on Chinese almanac-astrology and view these YouTube videos describing the Heavenly Stems, the Earthly Branches, and the Sexagenary Cycle.

38 XinChou Yin-Metal Ox

Yin-Metal (xīn, 辛) is gentle inward focus – an easy ability to let go of the extraneous (falling leaves) and focus on what really matters.  The image of Yin-Metal is a kettle or cauldron, suggesting a focused “cooking” or alchemical process.  Ox (chǒu, 丑) is robust and hardworking.  Disciplined and committed to getting the job done – plowing through the soil with great determination and power.  Steadfast, reliable, and persevering – unwavering in its given direction.  All that power and capacity does need direction.  Its basic job is pulling qi up and out of the pit of yin – driving the shoot from the seed to the surface.  Because of its single-minded commitment, it can be insensitive and stubborn toward anything that does not align with its goals.  The native Phase of Ox is Yin-Earth; Earth nourishes Metal, so this is like Ox with its child – it is attentive and nourishing.  Ox likes to work, and Yin-Metal likes to focus, so Metal Ox has a mindset of investment – open up to new opportunities and invest our resources (and labor) with care and precision.  When Metal expresses through Ox it gets very happy – they work together well, taking long strides toward prosperity.

H58 Dui Open Exchange - Channels of Flow (2)

Metal Ox corresponds to Hexagram #58, Valley/Valley: “Open Exchange”.  Open channels within meeting open channels without – a condition of open exchange and mutual benefit.  Exchange means sharing ideas or swapping commodities – prosperous interaction.  Conversation.  Trade.  The character (兌) suggests children in all 8 directions: open possibilities, pleasant and prosperous flow.  This hexagram describes pure opportunity – no blockage and no funny games – take our resources, our potential, and drive it forward toward productive results.  This is a time to take the qi that was released in Metal Rat and give it direction, give it purpose, and take it far.  It is extremely auspicious for forward progress, especially with regard to growing wealth, building a business, or refining qi.  Metal Ox is not just about reaping return on investment, however.  Ox loves labor, and this hexagram is about the pure joy of hard work.  It also means opening ourselves up to others – to open our mind and heart and mouth and freely exchange ideas.  To open our wallet, to open up shop and share our resources with others – giving and receiving for mutual benefit.  Interestingly, the trigram dui resembles a smiling mouth, so one dimension of this hexagram is people smiling together.  The key for Metal Ox is opening ourselves to new opportunities, taking a direction, and going for it…enjoy.

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Author: Wuming Chuan