2022 Yang-Water Tiger (壬寅)

Tiger-dark2022 is the year of the Yang-Water Tiger.  What does that mean?  See the description below and listen to my 2022 Yang-Water Tiger New Year Talk.  For background on this system, see my introductory post on Chinese almanac-astrology and view these YouTube videos describing the Heavenly Stems, the Earthly Branches, and the Sexagenary Cycle.

39 RenYin Yang-Water Tiger

Yang-Water (rén, 壬). is the powerful flowingness of water, like an ocean current or a large river.  Dark and mysterious, like the color of ocean at night.  Abundant resources carrying with them a risk harm if not properly navigated.  Tiger (yín, 寅) is robust and ambitious, yet instable and impulsive (“stripes”) – sneaking, pouncing, feasting, napping – and potentially overbearing.  Tiger is qi popping outward like a young shoot first popping through the surface of the earth into the limelight.  Wait – or is it qi crouching downward in anticipation or apprehension, hiding in the shadows?  Yes to both.  Hissing, growling, purring, meowing.  The epitome of soft and subtle, the consummate predator.  The native Phase of Tiger is Yang-Wood; Water nourishes Wood, so this is like Tiger with its parent – well-nourished so not too hungry, so it is able to set aside its own concerns and merge like water with its community.  Tiger is always a leader, and always ambitious, so Water Tiger gathers the community for some collective purpose.  When Water expresses through Tiger it is big and bold, rising up and mixing things together, moving forward with purpose – yet always potentially dangerous like deep roiling waters.  Water calms Tiger however, so this Tiger may keep danger at bay via preparation, positioning, and communication (think 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis).

H45 Cui Assembly

Water Tiger corresponds to Hexagram #45, Valley/Earth: “Assembly”.  Empty and open within, channels of exchange without.  The character (萃) shows numerous people wearing matching vestments.  Uniting together with common purpose.  Notably, the character also means sudden death – potential danger.  The iconic image of an army of soldiers gathered together sharpening their weaponry.  Valley is where water gathers to form rivers and lakes: mixing with others; Earth means open field, no agenda – completely adaptable.  Water Tiger thus surrenders its own agenda and dissolves into its community.  This is a social Tiger – as though Water cleanses Tiger’s customary self-consideration and allows it to find and express true virtue as a member of the clan.  Water Tiger is the powerful force that unites a community to make collective ritual offerings.  There is potential danger in the situation, so we need to watch closely and maintain some order.  Tiger likes to expand and can get a bit too enthusiastic, so the rivers may flood – yet Water calms Tiger so this Tiger is less likely to over-do things.  This hexagram describes the power (Tiger) of surrendering ourselves (Earth) and joining together (Water, Valley) with others.  The pleasure of communal unity: a calm, content Tiger – but still always potentially violent.  The key for Water Tiger is giving up our own agenda, dissolving into our community, and assembling the clan for collective purpose: purring together and sharpening our claws.

A look at the most recent Yang-Water Tiger Year, courtesy of Recollection Road: Flashback to 1962 – A Timeline of Life in America.