Hui-Dao (會道) – Assembly of Dao

Dragon pokes its nose
Ancient wisdom door opens
Come join the circle

Hello Friends,
In the forthcoming Year of Yang-Wood Dragon, we will be introducing a practice called Hui-Dao (會道), which translates as Assembly of Dao or the Way of Council. Hui-Dao was practiced by the original Celestial Masters lineage in the Han Dynasty – they considered community an indispensable treasure of the path.
But this practice is not limited to any particular religion or sect – this is the ancient wisdom practice of human beings across myriad cultures gathering in a circle and sharing their experience in a particular way. I believe this is how the Dao De Jing and countless other wisdom paths emerged. Let’s start engaging this practice in our Wuweidao Cultivation Group.

There are many ways to hold council. But there are specific principles and protocols helpful for invoking the latent magic of true community. I am a mere beginner in this craft – I am still learning and will surely continue to stumble in my efforts to facilitate our emerging body of practice – may my sincerity merit your trust.

The Hui-Dao circle is a sacred space we set up together to invoke Dao and see what arises.  Come ready to engage. For more information, email me at