Wuweidao Cultivation Group

In 2019, I began hosting the “Sitting & Forgetting” wuweidao cultivation group to continue the teaching & practice I received from my wuweidao lineage teacher, Liu Ming.

This group consists of up to 12 people who make a 1-year commitment to conduct a daily formal practice of wuweidao.  Practice consists of studying the Dao De Jing (we use an unpublished internal translation & commentary) and sitting in non-conceptual meditation (Zuowang), and may include various supporting practices.

I hold “Full Moon Talks” in Santa Rosa, CA, to open up our monthly chapter in a detailed line-by-line commentary, and issue writings, talks, and other supporting materials via email at each Full Moon.  I record my commentaries in seclusion, but in 2024 we are also introducing the practice of Hui-Dao (Assembly of Dao) at or near the Full Moon to invoke true Daoist community.  I also dialogue regularly one-on-one with each participant.

I interview prospective participants during the Rat & Ox moons – basically December & January – and open the group at the Full Tiger Moon, which is culmination of Chinese New Year.  The group closes at the end of the Pig Moon, just before Christmas.

To secure the commitment of participants and to keep away casual spectators, I request a donation of $36 per month.  Participants with financial difficulties can donate less – provided they are seriously carrying out their practice commitment.

A 1-year commitment provides participants with a thorough introduction to the view & core method of wuweidao, with some exposure to the broad suite of supporting practices.

For those who are really resonating with the view & method and wish to continue in a more extensive apprenticeship with a lifelong commitment to this path, we can discuss the Original Root Investiture program.

I am currently interviewing prospective participants for my 2022 cohort, which will begin with an opening assembly over Zoom on February 13.  For more information, see my website, www.oldoakdao.org.  If you are interested in participating in this group, contact me at oldoakdao@yahoo.com.